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Agreement relative the usage of vrajitoare.eu

Confidentiality agreement
The Roxo Inc./Ercomp Siculus team tries to protect as much as possible the right to intimacy and self image of the site users. We want to offer you, the site users, a safe online experience, which shall not negatively affect your personal life. In this respect we make all the possible efforts in order to be assured that the information you introduce into our data base is used only in the purposes that you have as object.

The covering area relative to the security of the personal character data and of the `cookie` policy
The confidentiality agreement relative to the personal data security policy, covers the modality of processing the personal character data which may identify you when using the Roxo Inc./Ercomp Siculus sites. At the same time, there are taken into consideration as well the judicial entities’ data, whom are partners or not, who use the Roxo Inc./Ercomp Siculus sites. This confidentiality agreement provides information relative to the `cookie`, their use by third parties and the deactivating modality.

General information collected by Roxo Inc./Ercomp Siculus
When getting registered on the Roxo Inc./Ercomp Siculus site, by creating an account, by accessing various services and Roxo Inc./Ercomp Siculus products, by visiting various services from the Roxo Inc./Ercomp Siculus network, or by activating certain promotional or advertising materials, Roxo Inc./Ercomp Siculus shall process data which have personal character that may identify a certain individual. In some areas of the sites, Roxo Inc./Ercomp Siculus shall solicit you to give personal data, including your name, address, e-mail address, telephone, credit card number, contact data, data necessary for the invoicing of the Roxo Inc./Ercomp Siculus services and other data by means of which you may be identified. In other areas of our sites, Roxo Inc./Ercomp Siculus collects or may collect demographical data which may not identify you, such as: your postal code, age, gender, interests. Sometimes we may collect a combination of the two types of information. When creating an account on the Roxo Inc./Ercomp Siculus site you are requested to enter your surname, first name, the e-mail address, date of birth, gender, profession, postal code, the activity field and personal interests. The creating of your account on our site and the subscribing to our services facilitates the access to your personal character data. At the same time Roxo Inc./Ercomp Siculus receives and registries on its servers the data regarding the IP address and the cookie information of the site you have solicited. Roxo Inc./Ercomp Siculus uses the stocked information – the details you have provided as of your registration and the activity carried out on our sites – with the purpose of facilitating the access to these sites, of improving certain products and services and of informing you relative to the latest products and services that you are interested in.

Displaying the personal data in the public spaces/domains of Roxo Inc./Ercomp Siculus
The data having a personal character which are displayed by the users in the public places/spaces belonging to Roxo Inc./Ercomp Siculus, such as forum, chat, discussions lists, the data base containing the searchable CVs, may be copied and stocked by third parties relative to whom Roxo Inc./Ercomp Siculus has no control of any kind. We are not responsible for the fact that third parties use information that you have displayed or made available in the public spaces belonging to Roxo Inc./Ercomp Siculus

The collecting and usage of the data having a personal character by Roxo Inc./Ercomp Siculus
We use the data gathered on our Roxo Inc./Ercomp Siculus site, may them be personal data, demographic, collective or technical data, with purpose of administrating the registration of your accounts, of solving your issues, of improving our site, of consulting the users in order to increase the quality of the provided products and services. As of your registering in the account you have given your approval relative to your personal data to be used for you to be informed via e-mail or otherwise in respect to the updating of the web sites, to the opportunities that Roxo Inc./Ercomp Siculus provides and to the additional information which refer to your interest as well as to news-letters containing useful information. The usage of the personal data by Roxo Inc./Ercomp Siculus complies with the legal regulations in force regarding the protection of the individuals in respect to the processing of the data having personal character and to the free circulation of these data.

Disclosing and transmitting the data having personal character
Roxo Inc./Ercomp Siculus shall not transmit (by means of selling or renting) towards third parties your personal data.
Roxo Inc./Ercomp Siculus may, never the less, transmit the information to third parties in the following situations:
- With your approval;
- If the transmission of certain information is necessary with the end of providing the products and services you have requested;
- In case the information is needed by the partners of the company in order to improve or facilitate certain services or products you have requested. The partner companies have the right to use the personal data provided directly by Roxo Inc./Ercomp Siculus only in the degree in which their assistance is necessary.
– We may transmit personal information to the authorities or public institutions complying with the legal provisions or with the good-faith if:
(a) this is stipulated by a legal provision;
(b) if it protects the rights of the Roxo Inc./Ercomp Siculus company or of the affiliated companies;
(c) if it prevents a crime or protects the national security;
(d) if it protects the individual or public safety;
(e) if these data are necessary in order to solve different situations,
- in case your activities infringe the terms and conditions established by Roxo Inc./Ercomp Siculus, or the instructions for the use of certain products and services;
- In case Roxo Inc./Ercomp Siculus mergers or is acquired totally or partially by another company the data base shall be transferred to the new operator. In case Roxo Inc./Ercomp Siculus becomes insolvent or involuntary, by means of the liquidator, administrator or purchaser the data base may be sold, authorized, or subject of a transaction only with the approval of the law court. In case there shall appear situations mentioned above you shall be informed by e-mail or by means of an announcement posted on the Roxo Inc./Ercomp Siculus site.

Your right to change and erase your data held by the operator
Roxo Inc./Ercomp Siculus gives the user the right to modify your contact data that you have registered, some aspects that you are interested in including the new information about the launched products and services. At the same time, you may request the operator to erase your data anytime.

Data security
For the confidentiality and security of the data the Roxo Inc./Ercomp Siculus account is protected by a password;

In order to provide you a navigation as fluent as possible on the Roxo Inc./Ercomp Siculus sites, we use a facility of the Internet browser called “cookie”. The cookies are small files which the browser places on the hard-disk of the user. These cookies are used in order to memorize the names of the users, the passwords and preferences, in order to survey tracks on the site, and in order to personalize the pages depending on the visitor. You have the option to set the browser in such way as to reject the cookies. But, in this case, there shall be a negative impact on the navigation on our site.

Roxo Inc./Ercomp Siculus offers the possibility to the users of the site to send commentaries, questions and suggestions. Any information which is sent by means of the contact forms shall be used by taking into consideration the right to confidentiality and image of the individuals.

Modifications of the confidentiality policy
If we consider that a change of the confidentiality rules is necessary, we shall publish the respective modifications in this page in order to inform you in regard to the types of information that we collect and the modality we use them. If you have any questions relative to our confidentiality policy please writes us at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. . We thank you for using the Roxo Inc./Ercomp Siculus's network.

Terms of service
Agreement relative the usage of vrajitoare.eu

Roxo Inc./Ercomp Siculus www.vrajitoare.eu (further called Roxo Inc./Ercomp Siculus) is created and administrated by Roxo Inc./Ercomp Siculus SRL. Contact e-mail: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .

If you use the services or information offered by this Roxo Inc./Ercomp Siculus, this shall also represent the fact that you have accepted the terms and conditions below.

These terms and conditions may change from time to time. Please periodically verify this rubric in order to be posted with all the modifications of the Roxo Inc./Ercomp Siculus terms and conditions.

  1. Intellectual property protection
  2. Using of the “Roxo Inc./Ercomp Siculus“ content
  3. Subscriptions, payment of the subscriptions, and other transactions
  4. Suspending the access
  5. Changes brought to Roxo Inc./Ercomp Siculus
  6. Registrations, passwords, and liabilities
  7. Confidentiality
  8. Public forums
  9. Lack of warranty, and declining the liability
  10. Force majeure
  11. Miscellaneous
  12. Applicable law and jurisdiction

The terms of the herein document have been updated as of December 29, 2010.

1. Protection of the intellectual property
The Roxo Inc./Ercomp Siculus content and design (as well as any other material in connection with Roxo Inc./Ercomp Siculus) sent by you by e-mail or provided by you in any other modality (such as for example: articles, photos, design and any other materials which we shall further on refer to as “Roxo Inc./Ercomp Siculus Content”), belong to Roxo Inc./Ercomp Siculus and to its co-workers – where this fact is purposefully stipulated or where another author is not indicated – (author rights) and they are protected by the legislation relative to intellectual property. The articles published in sections, which are not made by Roxo Inc./Ercomp Siculus, the intellectual property right belonging exclusively to the Roxo Inc./Ercomp Siculus co-workers who have made them. You may not use, reproduce, or allow to anybody else to use or reproduce the materials without a in write permission from Roxo Inc./Ercomp Siculus or from its co-workers, who have an intellectual property right over the respective section from the content belonging to Roxo Inc./Ercomp Siculus. At the same time, it is prohibited the reproduction, of any kind, totally or partially, of the data comprised in the announcements of the Companies or Partners, without the previous in write approval from Roxo Inc./Ercomp Siculus.

2. Usage of the Roxo Inc./Ercomp Siculus content
You may copy and print the Roxo Inc./Ercomp Siculus Content only for your own use or for the use of your company, according to the purpose for which you have enlisted yourself in Roxo Inc./Ercomp Siculus. Making exception the abovementioned, the Roxo Inc./Ercomp Siculus content may not be reproduced, modified and exploited, no matter if the purpose of this exploitation is commercial or non-commercial. Actions of the kind of those described below are not allowed without the previous in write permission from Roxo Inc./Ercomp Siculus:
a. the reproduction or stocking of the Content, as well as sending this content towards any other Roxo Inc./Ercomp Siculus, server or any other means of data stocking
b. the modification, publishing, transmitting, as well as the participation in the transfer, selling, distribution of certain materials created by means of reproduction, modification or disclosing of the Content, without the previous in write permission from us.
c. the removing of the marks which indicate the author rights of Roxo Inc./Ercomp Siculus over the Content.
Any usage of the Roxo Inc./Ercomp Siculus content in other purposes than the ones purposefully allowed by the herein document, is prohibited. The content usage requests in other purposes than the ones allowed by the herein document may be sent at the e-mail address: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .

3. Subscriptions, payment of the subscriptions, and other transactions
The access to one of the services regarding the listing of certain objectives which enter the Roxo Inc./Ercomp Siculus Content may be granted only after the payment of a subscription. All the payments, this including the taxes applicable to these payments, must be made in advance, in RON, the exchange of EURO into the Romanian currency being made at the date of the payment. The access to the paid services shall be granted only after the moment when the money transfer in the Roxo Inc./Ercomp Siculus account is confirmed. Roxo Inc./Ercomp Siculus shall not ever request from its subscribers the payment of services which have already been provided. There cannot exist any situation in which you may first use a certain service and then to be forced to pay off certain amounts of money, therefore, any request of this kind from persons who claim to act in our behalf have nothing to do with the Roxo Inc./Ercomp Siculus team, and should be treated accordingly. Roxo Inc./Ercomp Siculus may be used, by some of its business partners, as basis for the selling or promoting of some products and services. In such situation, the agreement which shall regulate the agreement between you and the products and services supplier, respectively which shall be concluded between you and the respective products and services supplier and not between you and Roxo Inc./Ercomp Siculus.

In case you want to cease the providing of the service towards you, you understand and agree with the fact that the payments already made are not and will not be given back.

You accept and agree that any delay in the payment of the amounts of money due to Roxo Inc./Ercomp Siculus shall represent an infringement of the provisions of the herein agreement. Taking in consideration the fact that Roxo Inc./Ercomp Siculus reserves to itself the right to adopt other strategies allowed by the law or by the agreement, you agree and understand to ENTIREY REIMBURSE TOWARDS Roxo Inc./Ercomp Siculus ALL THE COSTS AND EXPENCES WHICH MAY RESULT IN CONECTION WITH THE RECUPERATOPN OR THE ATEMPT TO RECUPERATE THESE UNPAID AMOUNTS OF MONEY.

4. Suspending the access
Roxo Inc./Ercomp Siculus may, without any notification or formality and without this fact to necessitate the explanation of its attitude, to suspend or to cease your access to the Roxo Inc./Ercomp Siculus Content or to parts from this content. In this case, there shall be applied, where the case is, the provisions of point 3 of the herein agreement. In case of restriction to access of the users of paid services, these ones understand and agree that the only pretensions they may formulate against Roxo Inc./Ercomp Siculus are limited to the reimbursement of the part of the tariff corresponding to the restricted period.

5. Modifications of Roxo Inc./Ercomp Siculus
Roxo Inc./Ercomp Siculus reserves for itself the rights to suspend, modify, add or erase at any time parts from its Content. At the same time, Roxo Inc./Ercomp Siculus reserves for itself the right to restrict the access of the users to a part of or to its entire content.

6. Registration, passwords and liabilities

Some of the pages of the Roxo Inc./Ercomp Siculus websites may be password-protected. Access to these pages is, based on the security of business transactions, only available for registered users. There is no right to a registration on behalf of Roxo Inc./Ercomp Siculus. Roxo Inc./Ercomp Siculus reserves the right to determine sites, which were previously freely accessible, to be subject to registration. Roxo Inc./Ercomp Siculus is authorized at any given time and without obligation to give reason, to revoke access authorization data by means of blocking access data, particularly in the event that the user

  • uses false data for the purpose of registration,
  • has violated the Terms of Use or neglects his/her duty of care in regard to his access or user data respectively,
  • has violated applicable law in the course of access or utilization of the Roxo Inc./Ercomp Siculus websites, or
  • has not used the Roxo Inc./Ercomp Siculus websites over a prolonged period of time.

If a registration required, then the user is under obligation to supply accurate information in the course of the registration and, in the event of possible changes over time, to immediately communicate these to Roxo Inc./Ercomp Siculus (as far as is provided for: online). The user will ensure that he/she receives Emails, which are sent to the Email-Address supplied by him/her.

The user will be provided with a user name and a password (hereinafter referred to as 'User Data') after completion of the registration process. On first access, the user will change the password supplied by Roxo Inc./Ercomp Siculus into a password which is solely known to him/her. The user data allows the user to view his/her data, to change these or, if need be, to revoke or modify approvals for the utilization of data.

The user ensures that user data is not made accessible to third parties. The area protected by a password is to be logged off from after each utilization. The user is under obligation to notify Roxo Inc./Ercomp Siculus immediately either in written form or per Email to the extent that he/she has gained knowledge that third parties are misusing user data.

After receipt of a notification pursuant, Roxo Inc./Ercomp Siculus will deny access to the password-protected area by means of said user data. Revoking this blockage is only possible after a separate request by the user to Roxo Inc./Ercomp Siculus or by means of a new registration.

The user may at any given time demand termination of his registration either in writing or per Email, provided that deletion is not opposed to the carrying out of ongoing contractual relationships. Roxo Inc./Ercomp Siculus will in this case delete all user data and all other stored person-related data of the user, as soon as these are no longer required.

Protection of the user’s account
Your access to certain services and information from Roxo Inc./Ercomp Siculus is protected by a password. We recommend you not to reveal to anyone this password. Roxo Inc./Ercomp Siculus shall never claim the passwords to your accounts by means of messages, or unsolicited phones. Therefore, we advise you not to reveal this password to the persons who claim it from you. More than this, if it is possible, you must remember to sign log off / sign out from your account in the user account of Roxo Inc./Ercomp Siculus, at the end of each session of having used these ones. We also advise you to close the browser’s window in which you have worked at the end of your navigation in Roxo Inc./Ercomp Siculus.

These pieces of advice are destined to remove the access of the unauthorized persons to your personal data or to your correspondence while you work in a computer network located in a public place. (in internet cafes, for instance).

Unfortunately, any data transmitting made by means of the internet cannot be 100% guaranteed to be safe. Therefore, despite all our efforts to protect the personal information, Roxo Inc./Ercomp Siculus cannot assure or guarantee the safety of the information you have transmitted towards us, towards and from our online services and products. Therefore, we warn you that any information sent towards us shall be made on your own risk. Each registration is made for one user. It is prohibited the partitioning of the access data (username and password) in the Roxo Inc./Ercomp Siculus account. Roxo Inc./Ercomp Siculus does not allow the access of several users or the access of a network to its Content. In case such accesses shall be found out, Roxo Inc./Ercomp Siculus reserves for itself the right to annul or suspend your access to its Content.

7. Confidentiality agreement
The information about yourself which you provide towards Roxo Inc./Ercomp Siculus shall be used only by complying with the terms of the Roxo Inc./Ercomp Siculus Confidentiality Agreement.

8. The publishing of Announcements/Publicity by means of Roxo Inc./Ercomp Siculus
Roxo Inc./Ercomp Siculus may provide you with communication platforms between you and the other users (publicity, announcements, etc.), further on called “Messages”. As Roxo Inc./Ercomp Siculus cannot and is not interested either in the filtering of the publicity and announcements posted or sent by its users by means of these communication platforms, we reserve for ourselves the right (which may be exercised at the moment we choose and without any previous notification), to erase, move or edit these messages or to restrict the access of some users to one of its communication platforms. These measures may be taken as result of the infringement by the users of the legal provisions or of the terms and conditions relative to the using of the site.
You are alone responsible for the content of your messages. For this, you must know that the posting or the transmitting of messages by means of the communication platforms offered by Roxo Inc./Ercomp Siculus is subject of the following limitations:

- The published announcements must be complete, containing all the information or the conditions in connection with the announcement.
- You may not publish, transmit, or make references to any type of message which can comprise a unanimously recognized form in society as representing “advertising” for different categories of goods and services.
- You may not publish, transmit, or make references to the users or Roxo Inc./Ercomp Siculus members any type of unsolicited commercial message, no matter if this transmitting is or not made by means of the communication systems offered by Roxo Inc./Ercomp Siculus or by means of other communication methods.
- You may not publish, transmit, or make references to any kind of messages which contain recommendations with the end of purchasing or not a certain product or service. At the same time, you may not publish, transmit, or make references to any kind of messages which contain confidential data, no matter if these are or not marked with the endorsement “confidential” or with any other endorsement of this kind, or to messages which have the role of affecting the price, image or the market value of a product or service.
- You may not publish, transmit, or make references of any kind to messages which contain illegal, threatening, abusive, indecent, discriminatory texts or texts which infringe any kind of rights of the thirds or legal provisions.
- You may not publish, transmit, or make references in any way to messages which contain viruses or any other kind of code sequences which prove to be destructive or which can interrupt, eliminate or limit the functionality of Roxo Inc./Ercomp Siculus or of any other informatics systems (hardware or software).
- You may not collect any kind of data personally identifiable by the users or by the Roxo Inc./Ercomp Siculus members, but with the sole and direct purpose of recruiting personnel for your company.
- You may not restrict or eliminate the access of certain users to the communication platforms offered by Roxo Inc./Ercomp Siculus.
- You may not publish, transmit, or make references in any way to messages having a hidden source.
- You may not publish, transmit, or make references in any way to any kind of “pyramidal game” or any other activity having as purpose the deceiving of the trust of other individuals, as well as any activities similar to certain deeds relative to which, in the past, their criminal potential or the potential of deceiving other Roxo Inc./Ercomp Siculus services user’s trust was proved.

In addition, we are very keen on the complying with the following rules:
- that you accept and agree with the fact that you shall comply with the good-faith rule when you conceive and publish the recruiting announcement. Thus, you pledge yourself not to publish incomplete, incorrect announcements, not to further on limit the selection of the candidates but on basis of those rules presented in the recruiting announcement published in Roxo Inc./Ercomp Siculus, etc. In case you shall not comply with these rules, you understand and agree with the fact that Roxo Inc./Ercomp Siculus has the right to restrict the access to its services for those users which infringe the provisions of the herein agreement.

By the transmitting of your messages towards or by means of any communication modality you agree with the fact that you are alone responsible and you shall reimburse Roxo Inc./Ercomp Siculus for any damage, costs or profit limitations which appear as a result of the posting, transmitting or reference made by you of certain messages which have a content infringing the limitation provisions from the previous paragraph.

Some users can understand that it is easier to infringe the rules established in this agreement, and, therefore, some of the published messages can present a deceiving, incomplete, incorrect reality or aggressively orientated against other social categories. Therefore, you should distinguish before using the information comprised in these messages with the end of making an investment or any other activity which implies the usage of own or other third’s funds or resources. The image presented by the published messages can be sometimes different from reality.

9. Attention !
Although every single moment it makes efforts in order to ensure the quality and correctness of the articles published in vrajitoare.eu, Roxo Inc./Ercomp Siculus cannot guarantee, expressly or implicitly, in respect to its content, in respect to the correct, complete and up dated character of the information presented in the info page of the witches posted by them. Roxo Inc./Ercomp Siculus, of the soft-wear or of the products and services published under its aegis. Roxo Inc./Ercomp Siculus does not take upon, in any circumstance, the liability for any damage, caused directly or indirectly, for any lack of profit, may it be direct or indirect, (including, but without limiting to this enumeration: damages for profit loss, interruption of certain business, or other pecuniary damages), suffered as a result of the using or of the interruption in the using or of the lack of regularity in the obtaining the information and the services provided by Roxo Inc./Ercomp Siculus, even if Roxo Inc./Ercomp Siculus has previously warranted that the usage of these data without a specialty consultant may generate such damages.

Roxo Inc./Ercomp Siculus does not guarantee the accuracy, correctness, or the up-dated character of the data or of the services provided by Roxo Inc./Ercomp Siculus. At the same time, Roxo Inc./Ercomp Siculus does not guarantee the fact that the informatics systems or the programmes used by Roxo Inc./Ercomp Siculus for disclosing or transmitting of the data on Roxo Inc./Ercomp Siculus or in any other modality do not contain viruses or any other destructive code sequences or other destructive properties.

You agree to exonerate Roxo Inc./Ercomp Siculus from liability for any judicial or extra-judicial actions and to cover the legal charges and any other expenses which might occur as result of your infringement of the clauses of the herein agreement.

10. Force Majeure
Roxo Inc./Ercomp Siculus, the affiliates or in general, the data suppliers towards Roxo Inc./Ercomp Siculus may not be held responsible for any delay or error in the content provided by our publications, resulting directly or indirectly from causes which do not depend on the Roxo Inc./Ercomp Siculus will. This exoneration includes, but is not limited to: the functioning errors of the technical equipment of Roxo Inc./Ercomp Siculus, the lack of functioning of the internet connection, the lack of functioning of the telephone connections, informatics viruses, the unauthorized access in the Roxo Inc./Ercomp Siculus systems, operation errors, strike, etc.

11. Miscellaneous
Changing the terms of the herein agreement. Roxo Inc./Ercomp Siculus is entitled, without notification and without carrying out of other formalities, to change the terms of the herein agreement. We recommend you to periodically reread this document, so that you may be kept posted with all the modifications it suffered. The access in Roxo Inc./Ercomp Siculus and the using of our services imply the fact that you have given your approval in respect to the new terms of the herein agreement.

At the same time, some of the services provided by Roxo Inc./Ercomp Siculus can make the object of some different terms, which shall be posted in the situation of each such service, in a visible place, being possible for them to be accessed before the using of the service.

The publicity and the content provided by other parties. Parts of the content included in Roxo Inc./Ercomp Siculus may be provided by third parties with whom Roxo Inc./Ercomp Siculus has content providing agreements concluded. At the same time, in the interior of the Roxo Inc./Ercomp Siculus content there may be included advertising sections in which there shall be posted publicity messages of third persons. Roxo Inc./Ercomp Siculus is not responsible in any way in respect to the content of the pages to which it refers in its interior.

Notifications. Any notification towards Roxo Inc./Ercomp Siculus must be sent in write, by mail or by fax, to the address indicated in the herein agreement.

12. The law governing the agreement
The rights and obligations of the parties, imposed by the herein agreement, as well as all the judicial effects which the herein agreement produces shall be interpreted and governed by the US law in force. Any litigation which has as object the herein agreement shall be submitted to be solved to the US law courts.

Thank you.

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